Science MCQs - Topic - Skeleton and Muscles

  1. All bones in our body make up our ________.

  2. An adult body has ________ bones.

  3. Functions of our Skeleton are :(select the right answer)

  4. Muscles are attached to bones with tough bands called ___________. (1 word)

  5. Muscles that work in pairs against each other are called ___________ muscles. (1 word)

  6. Names of bones:

  7. Bone that protects our brain is called?(1 word)

  8. Bone that protects our spinal cord is called?(1 word)

  9. Bones that protects our Heart and Lungs are called?
    (1 word)

  10. Bone that forms our shoulders are called? (1 word)

  11. Bone between our biceps and triceps is called?
    (1 word)

  12. Thigh bone is called? (1 word)

  13. Funny question...

  14. A body without bones is like a tent without ________. (1 word)